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Care Cosmet are finally on Facebook! We created our page a few weeks ago. Information concerning our business and our industry will be posted more often than on the blog. If you want to check the news and be aware of our future events, follow us on Facebook by using the link in our sidebar with the facebook’s logo.

We are very excited about this, we think it’s a way to be more close to our community. YOU are our number one priority.

The cruelty-free controversy

The cruelty-free debate has been raging in the world for some years. A brand who is cruelty-free is a brand that doesn’t make any tests on animals. Testing on animals is a really bad habit for many cosmetics brands. However, nowadays, most of them try to stop these practices. You, as a customer, can also help stopping these testings by buying only cruelty-free products.

Animals aren’t responsive the same way as humans, therefore, testing on them might also be useless. Indeed, humans and animals are genetically different, so the results wouldn’t be accurate.

Moreover, more than 7 000 existing safe ingredients can be used by companies┬áto formulate their products. Tests won’t be needed since those products are already safe. If they still want to use their unsafe ingredients, technology could be used to run all the tests needed.


Many governments like the European Union, Norway or India have already banned animal testings on cosmetics, but in some others countries, animal abuse laws don’t apply to laboratory animals.

Brands choose to be cruelty-free. They choose to use only safe ingredients. Many others still need to make that choice but now YOU can choose to buy only cruelty-free products. The power is in customer’s hands. Things will change only if you’re a part of it.